Pool maintenance

Depending on the equipment you have, the maintenance of a swimming pool will take you a few minutes to a few hours per week. This is important work that, if done well, will ensure you a good swimming season.

The following standardized instructions are recommended for outdoor pools maintained with chlorine. It is possible that they are not recommended for pools treated with bromine or salt. Similarly, your equipment and appliances may be different from those mentioned in this service manual.

A constant quantity of water, constant maintenance! You set a daily routine. For example, chlorine being destroyed by the sun, it is best to treat the evening.

You can use the reagents your test kit to test the water. It will nevertheless be preferable – if only for the time savings – to perform these tests using testing strips simultaneously chlorine.

You will follow the recopoolboymmendations of the manufacturers provided in order to maintain or change the correct levels (see directions below).

poolboyRetirez debris and replace the solar blanket to reduce the cooling water overnight.

The next morning, after removing the solar blanket, you will need to make a new chlorine test. A minimum level of 2 will normally be sufficient for the day. Add more if a lower level is found.

In case of bad weather, it is always best to leave in place the solar blanket. Indeed, this precaution will save you the presence of debris and cooling water. However, careful not exceed a period of three days would promote algae growth.

Pool maintenance

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