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paypalPrestige or Deluxe by G.E.M. From $ 199.00

Choose from the following options: $ 199.00, you get a full cleaning service for your home (value $ 310), including: – dusting, – by vacuum cleaning – stain removal – the passage of mop, – washing and …


$ 199.00, you get housekeeping prestige for your home

(Value $ 310.00) including

  • Basic cleaning in the kitchen fills: Cleaning the stove: moving and cleaning behind the oven: ecological interior steam cleaning, dishwasher: PayPal GEM menagenettoyage behind and external Microwave: indoor + outdoor refrigerator: traveling, interior and exterior cleaning, cabinets Cleaning indoor + outdoor cleaning culinary accessories such as toaster, coffee (or espresso machine), countertops, sinks and a deep cleaning of your floors, windows, walls and even ceilings !!! Your kitchen will asticotée thoroughly … As our mothers told so you can literally ‘eat on the floor!’
  • General cleaning of the bathroom: complete sanitization of your bathroom: bath, shower, toilet, sink, ceramic tile, and polishing faucets. Deep cleaning of walls, floors, storage space and windows.
  • A complete general maintenance inside: dusting the top executives, heaters, lighting, ventilation grilles, trim, and blinds. By vacuum cleaning: floors, carpets, fabrics, upholstery and stairs. Asticotage mirrors, TV screens and glass surfaces. Even your garbage output will!

Treat yourself this well-deserved luxury, with your busy schedule, hours of freedom should be free from household chores!

$299.00 you get a deluxe maid service for your home

(Total value of $ 450.00) including:

  • a prestige class household (value $ 310)
  • cleaning a floor interior windows and accessible exterior windows ($ 70 value)
  • spring cleaning and disinfecting a second bathroom ($ 70 value).


Details of services

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Experts G.E.M. recurring homes from floor to ceiling with their own ecological and biodegradable products, while throwing out the dust, eliminating bacteria and speeding away fat residues. A dusting furniture, heaters and decorations complete the vacuuming, which can crowd out dirt lodged in carpets, on floors and under the cushions. With an eye for detail, the maintenance specialists are disappearing spots mirrors, TV screens and doors, before washing the floors with the mop. During the disinfection of the bathroom, the team G.E.M. rub bathtubs, toilets, sinks and showers and chandelier fittings and tiles.

During the prestige Housekeeping, experts also scrutinize the household appliances – such as stove, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator) and meticulously clean single centimeter of wall, ceiling, window and storage space in the kitchen and bathroom.

Guests of luxury housekeeping benefit of washing a second bathroom and cleaning of a floor interior windows and accessible exterior windows. Those who have opted for the full prestige and household services can polish their windows, for an additional fee of $ 60.